Publishing proposals are to be submitted to the Director of the History, Law & Legal History series (director.hllh@unipa.it). One or two Reviewers will evaluate each proposal by means of a double-blind peer-review process. If a revision of the work is requested, the Referees will ascertain if the Author has made the requested changes. If there are inconsistencies with the latter, the work will be submitted to the Scientific Board for a final evaluation.
On submission of their work, the Authors will declare that it is an original piece of work, which does not breach intellectual property or other rights. The Authors must also ensure that their book or chapter does not contain any libellous matter or violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights. The Authors are obliged to cite content from other appropriate sources in order to avoid plagiarism.
The Reviewers will behave in a fair and impartial manner; they will review the material in a timely manner and assist in improving the quality of a submitted proposal or typescript by reviewing the material with care, consideration and objectivity. The Reviewers will inform the Editorial board of any published or submitted content, which is similar to the material under review, or of any suspected plagiarism; they will also maintain the confidentiality of any information or material submitted during the review process.
The Director will: act in a fair and balanced way when carrying out their duties; devoid of discrimination; manage submissions in a timely manner; and treat all material as confidential. They will also provide guidance to the Authors regarding the expectations of the publication and the decision-making process regarding which books to publish, in turn is based on the quality and suitability for the said series.

Direttore: director.hllh@unipa.it
Comitato editoriale: hllh@unipa.it


Mario Varvaro

Scientific Board
Christian Baldus (Heidelberg)
Licia Califano (Urbino)
Luigi Capogrossi Colognesi (Roma)
Marta Cartabia (Milano)
Sara Domianello (Messina)
Luigi Ferrajoli (Roma)
Giovanni Fiandaca (Palermo)
Enrico Follieri (Foggia)
Flavia Frisone (Lecce)
Elisabetta Grande (Alessandria)
Patrizia Guarnieri (Firenze)
Umberto Laffi (Pisa)
Laura Moscati (Roma)
Luca Nogler (Trento)
Annick Peters-Custot (Nantes)
Emanuela Prinzivalli (Roma)
Serena Quattrocolo (Alessandria)
Eugenio Ripepe (Pisa)
Boudewijn Sirks (Oxford)
Giusto Traina (Paris)
Cristina Vano (Napoli)
Giovanna Visintini (Genova)
Andreas Wacke (Köln)

Editorial Board
Rosaria Crupi
Monica De Simone
Manfredi Matassa

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