Rethinking Borders

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This book takes into account some categories and practices of colonial relations by considering both domination and subjectification processes. The essays, with different disciplinary approach, handle the concept of border and the complex dynamics of crossing, mobility, diaspora, coexistence, and hybridization. Addressing the “global dimension”, the Authors led their research on polysemic spaces, bordering on the Mediterranean and Atlantic. The critical analysis of the hierarchical order of the world highlights the ways in which the relations between nonhomogeneous elements produce conflict and assimilation practices, but also contaminations and inclusion. By assuming the “Colonial” as a precarious concept, the essays stress the discursive aspects of dominion but also government, counter-conducts and resistances, without forecloses the persistence of the epistemological struggle of coloniality, and the matrix of power that produces the otherness of the colonized.


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Serena Marcenò, Valentina Favarò

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Dicembre 2020




978-88-5509-237-1, 978-88-5509-238-8