APHSC n.1 2017



In Memoriam, Lotfi Asker Zadeh (1921-2017)


50(ish) years of Fuzzy Logic in Europe In memory of Lotfi Asker Zadeh



The introduction and development of fuzzy sets theory and applications in Finland

Christer Carlsson, Vesa Niskanen, Hannu Nurmi


Fuzziness in Italy – Traces of a scattered history

Gianpiero Cattaneo, Giulianella Coletti, Antonio Di Nola, Mario Fedrizzi, Giangiacomo Gerla, Gabriella Pasi, Marco Elio Tabacchi, Settimo Termini, Aldo Ventre


The first steps in fuzzy set theory in France forty years ago (and before)

Didier Dubois, Henri Prade


Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic in Austria

Erich Peter Klement


Fuzzy systems research in Hungary – a subjective story

Laszlo T Koczy


A Brief History of Fuzzy Logic in the Czech Republic and Significance of P. Hájek for Its Development

Vilém Novák


A Concise Glance at the History of Fuzzy Logic in Czechia (with a glimpse of the origin of data- mining — the GUHA method)

Vilém Novàk


The Gradual Arrival of Fuzziness in Switzerland

Edy Portmann


On how Fuzzy Logic began in Spain (1974-1980)

Enric Trillas


50 Years of Fuzzy Sets in Germany

Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann