The great opportunity. If not now, when?


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recovery, urban regeneration, modification, identity, opportunity


For years, we have witnessed, almost helplessly, the great wounds of the suburbs, the abandonment of entire historic centres, or entire urban settings, in favour of a sterile and unmotivated race for new constructions, occasionally or rarely of architectural and good technical quality. It is time to get to the root of the problem. To be clear, not everything can and must be recovered. We should clarify, we should use in an intelligent way this new sensitivity that is emerging and these enormous new economic resources that will be made available. The moment of recovery should be accompanied by a sharp reflection on how and what to recover. The Green New Deal should be seen not only as an opportunity for sustainable development, certainly important, but as a turning point on how to understand and how to imagine ‘new’ cities and consequently architectures that are their bodies. We should not fear modification and change which are inevitable for any urban fabric or reality. Knowing how to link modernity and tradition, with an authentically contemporary look.


Architecture | Essays & Viewpoint

pp. 84-95


Francesco Iodice

Author(s) Biography

Francesco Iodice, Architect and Phd, is a contract Professor of Architectural and Urban Design at the Department of Engineering of the ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ University of Campania (Italy). Mob. +39 348/89.23.922. E-mail: francesco.iodice1@unicampania.it


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