Considerations and research on sustainable and connected built environment



pp. 5-11


Francesca Scalisi, Cesare Sposito, Giuseppe De Giovanni

Author(s) Biography

Francesca Scalisi, Architect and PhD, is the Research Manager at the Research Department of DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med. (Euro-Mediterranean Documentation and Research Center), Palermo, Italy. Her research areas concern the sustainability of the built environment for energy conservation of buildings, green materials, and nanotechnologies. E-mail: demetracerimed.scalisi@gmail.com

Cesare Sposito, Architect and PhD, is an Associate Professor of Building Technology at the Department of Architecture, University of Palermo (Italy). His research mainly focuses on environmental sustainability, innovative materials for architecture, nanomaterials, energy saving in buildings, and the conservation process focusing on sheltering systems for archaeological sites. E-mail: cesare.sposito@unipa.it

Giuseppe De Giovanni, Architect